March 19, 2018

You are extremely powerful and effective. 

Go ahead a read that first line again. I need you to never forget this. When it comes to your health give that fighter in you a stronger voice and know you will be successful. Having evidence of our ability to overcome and follow through often becomes the greatest catalyst for success because for many of us, (including myself), seeing is truly believing ... Which brings me to my point. 

In my eyes, one of the coolest things about fitness and why I love it as one of my favorite coaching tools is because it does not just live in the gym. What we do, what we take on mentally in a workout that scares us and yet we outlast or overcome, translates in our lives emanating strength out there! We are strong on the outside because of what we learn about our insides through the struggle. 

Additionally, being an example for others by embracing your shape and thriving because you honor yourself better than anyone else will help you shape and develop a community of people in your life that will help you sustain that strength. Through unanticipated challenges and change, we are strongest when we show up and invest in ourselves and each other for a better life.

At-home workout to build a stronger body:

2 FULL ROUNDS: (12 min)
30s right arm banded tricep press
30s right leg reverse lunge with side laterals
30s right arm banded press (staggered stance)
30s plank hold (elbows and toes)
60s jumping jacks
REPEAT in full BUT switch to LEFT side
10s hollow hold + 10s back extensions
30s REST 
20s hollow hold + 20s back extensions
45s REST
30s hollow hold + 30s back extensions
60s REST
**Round 2 is up to YOU!!
Jen Widerstrom is the loveable (and undefeated!) coach on The Biggest Loser, advisor board member of SHAPE magazine, and best selling author of Diet Right For Your Personality Type, Jen is our secret weapon to help you crush all your goals.

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