May 29, 2018

Summer months can disrupt our usual routines. Instead of letting “me time” fall by the wayside, use these months to strengthen your self-care routine. To prevent being overwhelmed by a crazy day, or even a crazy month, I focus on one minute at a time. Any minute is an opportunity for self-care. When you’re heading out the door, grab a few of your favorite pick-me-ups. I bring my homemade drip coffee, the trail mix I love and my PinkSugar perfume. It sounds too easy, but there’s no greater way to care for yourself than such reminders of how good it feels to feel good. When you’re faced with making a decision that could either pull you away from your wellness goals or inch you toward them, your pick-me-ups may be just the reinforcement you need to keep on target.


Jen Widerstrom, Transformational Expert 
Your daily get-fit motivator and television star is the global partner of SHAPE Women’s Activewear Collection, Fitness Director of SHAPE Magazine, and the best-selling author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type. You can also catch Jen, Transformational Expert, on her 2018 Live / Give Tour now!

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