A Note From Jen -

A Note From Jen - "Shift Your Clock"

September 25, 2018

You just need to shift your clock. Begin by setting an alarm for bedtime—for a time that’s earlier than usual. It may take your body a week or two to make the adjustment, but beginning your slowdown routine earlier will get you sleeping sooner and prime you for the morning, so you’ll have the energy to get out of bed and rock out! It may still be dark outside when you wake up, but lean into its peacefulness: You’re one of the first people to enjoy the day. You’ll come to savor that time. I promise.



Jen Widerstrom, Transformational Expert 
Your daily get-fit motivator and television star is the global partner of SHAPE Women’s Activewear Collection, Fitness Director of SHAPE Magazine, and the best-selling author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type. You can also catch Jen, Transformational Expert, on her 2018 Live / Give Tour.


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