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A Note From Jen -

A Note From Jen - "Happy New Year...Wait, What?"

September 05, 2018

First thing's first— Happy New Year!! … Well, sort of. 

With us all heading out of summer and many of our families back to school, September has become this mini reset button for us all to recommit to the goals we have to build the life we want. I considered all kinds of things to share with you today, whether it be exercises or nutrition tips and I just couldn't get past the concept of you. Yes, you! Everything begins here... choices, hope, joy and dreams. I cannot effect these from the outside. It can only truly source from you and so I knew that this is where we needed to begin our year together.


In the beginning of any change we want to make in our life, we often need someone to believe in us first before we can consider believing in ourselves. Countless times I’ve had clients and friends share their experiences of this with me. That it took me "believing in them for the both of us" initially to get them started, or that without my "acknowledgement how capable they are" they wouldn't have attempted much past their first week of trying a new workout program or nutrition regime. Perhaps that's part of why I have been so successful as a coach... because they actually began to believe in themselves. Once they started to experience the evidence of their success it fed into an even greater belief of how far they could go. 

There is a momentum that will become unstoppable for you and soon enough I’ll have us both believing in YOU. It was clear to me that this is what I needed to share with you today.





Jen Widerstrom, Transformational Expert 
Your daily get-fit motivator and television star is the global partner of SHAPE Women’s Activewear Collection, Fitness Director of SHAPE Magazine, and the best-selling author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type. You can also catch Jen, Transformational Expert, on her 2018 Live / Give Tour

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