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A Note From Jen -

A Note From Jen - "Happy New Year - Part 2"

September 18, 2018 2 Comments

We’re two weeks into our mini new year— a time for so many when it’s easy to waiver or doubt your ability to keep moving forward with your goals. So I say to you again: I believe in you! I really do, AND I’m going to provide you with what I’ve seen as the best way to get past those sticking points in your journey. 

I need you to consider how capable you are in accomplishing any goal or intended mindset that has arisen for you this time of year. And as much as it may feel like a mountain at first, a clear idea of the life you want to lead and that you have something to be excited about and it's worth making the climb for. The good news: You already possess all the qualities to make it to the top— I just need you to begin practicing them so they become even more accessible to you. 


The #1 way for you to begin this journey is to keep your word to yourself. Period. It is so simple yet troublesome for so many. I personally started simply with not eating desserts for a week. I had dinners to go to and yummy sweets in the house but I stuck to my plan. I had to prove to myself that I could stay committed to my choice. What was a cool surprise though is how the next time I took on a self imposed challenge it was a little easier to stick to my word. Just like a muscle that I would condition over time, I was able to strengthen my word. This is only one basic example but this concept will prove poignant in your workout routines, big picture nutrition and even your relationships. 


In my mind, there is no truer foundation of self than when you can commit something to yourself and follow through with it. It's not only empowering but it'll elevate the entire standard of your life. Trust me, just watch and see!





Jen Widerstrom, Transformational Expert 
Your daily get-fit motivator and television star is the global partner of SHAPE Women’s Activewear Collection, Fitness Director of SHAPE Magazine, and the best-selling author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type. You can also catch Jen, Transformational Expert, on her 2018 Live / Give Tour.



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