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A Note From Jen -

A Note From Jen - "Do (the now) You"

June 18, 2018

As a group instructor at many events, I get to work with tons of women. And I’m always overwhelmed by those of you who admit that the biggest obstacle in your fitness journey is actually yourself. Or more specifically, your former self. It’s only human that we make comparisons with one another—especially with social media so rampant—but it turns out the greater adversary is the version of us when we were at our best. Rather than celebrating how capable our bodies are and giving ourselves a pat on the back for having the mental toughness to even complete a workout, our mind goes, “Ugh, I used to run faster” or “Why is this so tough for me now?” And even, “I’ll never be as thin as I was then.” Any of this sound familiar? Trust me, it does for me too. My mind wanders all over when doing workouts each week, but I urge you to take the power back. You alone set the tone for your mind-set. When you switch from chastising yourself to instead cheering yourself on, that plays out as you exercise and translates to a consistency that will ultimately drop you off at the doorway of your goals. So no more comparing you with a former self. Just show up and be in your body, at that moment, without judgment.

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